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Derek Bavetta

Our team thrives on finding solutions.

Ramstar’s Derek Bavetta visited a plant in Chatham-Kent County to discover why one of his sales reps wasn’t getting any traction with new business in the locale.

Like Ramstar, this particular company was a family-owned business – the two hit it off and then Bavetta discovered a problem.

“He hadn’t been updated on the latest available products or even the grades or coatings,” says Bavetta.

“There are upgrades for a reason – to help you do things faster.  They were already four generations behind.” 

Sadly, it didn’t seem like their current supplier was keeping them in the loop.

Bavetta mentioned to him that new grades and triple coated inserts would get longer tool life.   

He then invited the owner to tour Ramstar, and he was so impressed that we provided a solution for vending to help supply and keep track of his tooling needs.

“He liked the fact that each employee was assigned a code, which would help him keep track of the tools and supply what he needs without having to necessarily wait for orders and waste valuable time,” says Bavetta.

“This way, he could go directly to the source to find out why so many particular tools were being used and he could pinpoint the problem if there was one.”

Bavetta says that the vending machine also provides one less worry about running out of stock on the weekend, since Ramstar is managing and reloading the machine when tools are running low.

Bavetta estimates the vending machine gave the owner a cost efficiency of 30% in time and value.

“He shouldn’t be wasting his time searching for an insert,” says Bavetta. “It allows him the luxury of focusing on other areas of running his business more efficiently.”

This customer’s particular business is outside the usual target industries of Ramstar’s aerospace and automotive clientele: his family company specializes in the agricultural industry. 

But Derek Bavetta felt it was proper to help out a fellow business owner with an adaptable solution in the form of a vending machine.

“At Ramstar, we like to provide solutions,” says Bavetta. “We’re also in the customer business-  to understand what they need. We work hard to ensure our relationships are good ones with plenty of two-way communication.”

The moral of this particular story is that if you’re a supplier, constant communication is the best way to make sure your client is informed and their needs are met.

“We deeply respect all our customers and are always just a phone call, text or e-mail away,” says Bavetta. 

The purpose of a business is to create a customer.

Peter Drucker

“How do you create a customer? You provide something – a service, a product, a solution – (referred to as the Product in the Marketing Mix) they need AND want.

“In the B2B world, this want and/or need is typically to solve a business problem. The bigger the business problem, the more urgent, and the better your offer addresses the more likely and faster you are to create a customer.”